Dorothy Nell Betts


Layla Louise and the Wonderful Wedding Night

This little book is one out of several that expounds on the many important times in the life of Layla Louise. She is so excited to be considered the flower girl in her aunts wedding especially with all of her girl relatives who could have been choosen. Join her as she get ready for the event.

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Layla Louise and the Best Peachy Cobbler Ever

This book was born out of the many memories that I shared with my family members who would bake every week for the family.  Holidays were especially the best with numerous pies, cobblers and cakes. Then there was those just because days when my grandfather would make a 7-up cake that would take four hours from beginning to end.  

Layla Louise and her mother have created a generational tradition that has been passed down to stand the test of time.  Join her as she patiently awaits to not only help, but become an important part of the tradition.

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